The true tale of a Courageous Cape Cod Canada Goose.




Paul Gallico

"A timeless and touching love story. This story was made into a Hallmark movie, starring Richard Harris. Definitely a book to read and treasure for a lifetime."
Choo Choo Love



August 2007

Newton and his mangled wing. Photo taken August 8, 2007

       Tuesday, August 7, 2007 was Earl's birthday. It had been a beautiful day until we noticed this goose mingling among Lefty's family. We were saddened to see the terrible injury to his right wing. In our harsh climate, the worst thing that can happen to a goose is a broken wing. Since there is no waterfowl sanctuary in Winnipeg, geese with broken wings typically end up being euthanized. In the fall of 2004, Gabriel had been euthanized after an extremely stressful and traumatic capture. Last summer, we captured Blake and drove more than 300 miles to the nearest sanctuary. We were prepared to drive this goose to the same sanctuary.
    We decided to name him Newton after Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the US Congress. Mr. Gingrich was a right-wing Republican.

Newton comes to us. August 8, 2007
    We took his photos the next day but he was alone and wary and we were unable to capture him.
    We have not seen him since August 8. We have walked the entire park and scanned with binoculars. He has vanished. This is the most mind-boggling mystery we have ever encountered since our friendship began with geese five years ago.
    We feel that he might have fallen prey to a predator.