Lovely story about a girl's wish to fly and her friendship with a wise old gander.


The true tale of a Courageous Cape Cod Canada Goose.



2004, 2005


We first met Becky in the fall of 2004. She was with a large flock of geese and she stood out because she would stand serenely, pecking gently at us in order to get a bite to eat. She behaved like a little lady and was graceful and gentle. Rather than name such a beautiful goose Pecky, we decided to name her Becky.

Becky was the beauty queen of Canada geese with a walk that would turn heads and a regal poise. Her white cheek pattern was shaped like a gentle ramp.

Becky showed up at the nest site alone in April 2005. She stayed for a week. On the last day, we saw her standing alone in the middle of a vast and empty parking lot, honking into the crisp April air. Her lonely honks echoed through the deserted parking lot.

We drove up and I got out, called to her and she recognized me, trotting up immediately. We wanted to take her home and protect her.

Just then, a couple of kids whizzed around the corner of a store on their skateboards. Becky threw them some fearful glances, then walked toward the marsh (photo above) and swam away.

That was the last time we saw Becky.